About MCR Strength, Inc

MCR STRENGTH INC. was Incorporated in 1990 and has been manufacturing and selling the Muscle Clamp weight collar Since 1994. MCR is a proven company with a proven track record. Current customers call the Muscle Clamp weight collar the best weight collar ever. MCR STRENGTH INC. is a US company operating out of Nogalas, AZ with administrative offices in Vancouver, WA.

The Origin of the Muscle Clamp Weight Collar

The design of the Muscle Clamp weight collar encompasses the knowledge and experience of education, coaching, engineering, fitness, strength training, and body building. After conducting many surveys and running numerous tests, MCR discovered 8 essentials necessary for optimum weight collar operation.

Eight Essentials for optimum weight collar operation

SAFETY – Exercising with little or no risk of injury is important to all users.

SPEED – Rapid weight change enormously enhances work-out routines.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Manageability and psychological impediments are the two most common reasons for desiring a lightweight weight collar.

COST – is associated with quality. Users of all levels will pay premium prices for quality weight collars.

DURABILITY – Current quick release weight collars have extremely low life spans, sometimes as low as two or three months depending on the environment. Users today demand weight collars that can withstand continuous use and hard knocks for much longer than just a few months.

SIZE – Customers have different needs so distributors and retailers want to carry both a one inch Standard and a two inch Olympic size weight collar. Some schools and gyms also have needs for both sizes while most individual home users prefer the one inch standard size weight collar.

PROTECTION – To sustain ones investment, protecting the bar from scratches and rust is important. 95% of weight collars today severely scratch bars when locking them onto the bar.

After compiling all of the data, MCR found that no single weight collar encompassed all 8 essential factors for optimum weight collar operation. MCR, using it’s different disciplines and resources, engineered a weight collar that covers all the essentials thus meeting the needs of all users. This is no ordinary weight collar…

The Inventor of the Muscle Clamp Weight Collar

Verl Miller, the inventor, was discouraged by what he saw in his physical education classes. The Iron weight collars were too heavy. The spring weight collars were difficult to squeeze. The screw weight collars would strip while other weight collars simply fell apart. As a result, few of his students were using weight collars. This was a big concern of Verl’s. Thus he set out to design and bring to market the Muscle Clamp Weight Collar.